Blues Mandolin: Charlie McCoy’s “Too Long”

“Papa” Charlie McCoy reigns as one of the greatest of the pre-war blues mandolinists.  Whether on his own or with Bo Carter, the Mississippi MudSteppers, the Mississippi Sheiks, his brother Kansas Joe McCoy, Ishman Bracey, or Tommy Johnson, McCoy’s mandolin and guitar playing can be heard on several influential sides that popularized blues in the early to mid 1930s.  One of McCoy’s most popular compositions, “Too Long”, showed up in multiple incarnations.  McCoy recorded one of my favorite versions in 1932 on Vocalion 1712.  McCoy’s mandolin weaves beautifully in and out of the vocal. I’m providing tablature/music to this cut to give indication of the type of downloads you can have as a member of my Patreon site.

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