Blues Mandolin: Charlie McCoy’s Jackson Stomp Transcribed

The Jackson Stomp by the Mississippi Mudsteppers is one of the most memorable of Charlie McCoy’s tunes. Recorded on Okeh Records 45504, the tune frolics as a quick-paced cock-eyed mando-banjo tour de force. Many Black stringband aficionados play the tune, but often in the key of A instead of the key of B on the recording. The assumption–and there’s some evidence if you slow down the recording–to suggest it’s really in A with the mandolin tuned up. But I believe there’s also evidence to suggest it actually is in B. Part of this is based in understanding that a mandolinist who often plays with blues guitarists will find themselves in keys other than G, D, and C, often venturing into other multi-sharped keys like E. The tune actually lays out very well in B which also makes me believe that it could be the true key it is played in.

REGARDLESS, I’ve transcribed the entire tune in B and is available for tab subscribers.

I’ve also recorded a YouTube video (the first in awhile) playing the main parts up to speed and then slowing down.

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