Jackson Stomp Transcribed

The Jackson Stomp by the Mississippi Mudsteppers is one of the most memorable of Charlie McCoy’s tunes. Recorded on Okeh Records 45504, the tune is a quick-paced cock-eyed mando-banjo tour de force. This is often played by many Black stringband aficionados, but often in the key of A instead of the key of B on the recording. The assumption–and there’s some evidence if you slow down the recording–to suggest it’s really in A with the mandolin tuned up. But I believe there’s also evidence to suggest it actually is in B. Part of this is based in understanding that a mandolinist who often plays with blues guitarists will find themselves in keys other than G, D, and C, often venturing into other multi-sharped keys like E. The tune actually lays out very well in B which also makes me believe that it could be the true key it is played in.

REGARDLESS, I’ve transcribed the entire tune in B and is available for tab subscribers.

I’ve also recorded a YouTube video (the first in awhile) playing the main parts up to speed and then slowing down.