The New Five Cents: traditional fiddle tune mandolin arrangement free for download

The New Five Cents is a great old tune in D that’s a perfect tune to have ready for a jam. I first heard it through the playing of Mike Compton on one of my favorite acoustic string band albums, “Climbing the Walls” with David Grier. Mike continues to do it, like when I recently saw him with Joe Newberry, and is probably single-handedly responsible for lots of mandolinists learning the tune. This arrangement is not a transcription of his recorded version, or any live version I’ve heard. This arrangement is one that fits in more with my playing and synthesizing various versions I’ve heard over time, including some fine banjoists who played the tune. If you do check out one true fiddle version of the tune, listen to the great live version by Paul Warren with Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass (CMH, America’s Greatest Breakdown Fiddle Player). Great fiddle LP and should be in your collection.



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