Double Stop Shuffles: Blues Mandolin Lesson

Shuffles are the rhythmic background of the blues.  There are a variety of ways they can be played in about as many meters.

One of my favorite approaches is to shuffle using double stops, akin to Hammond B3 organ playing.  Danny Gatton also had a wonderful vocabulary as to how to play them on the guitar.

The video and accompanying tablature show a variety of ways to play them.  The core one demonstrated in the video starts with a double stop with no root–A and F# (G and D strings).  This then moves to B and G (G and D strings) and then to C and A (G and D strings).  The movement on the bottom is the classic blues line of moving from the 5th of the chord up to the flatted 7th.  You see this in a Texas or Jimmy Reed shuffle or in a walking bass line.  The top note (the F# through A) harmonizes.  This figure is then modulated to the IV chord (G) and then the V chord (A).

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