Patreon: The Slow Movement of Tab Membership to Patreon

I’ve considered Patreon for quite some time and am in process of deciding if this is a long term solution for Tab Memberships. Running the memberships myself through this website has been a challenge and at times has been the reason for slow content creation. The process has been frustrating for me and I know it has been for you members. I will not end Tab Memberships for current subscribers. I will keep content current for everyone through the next year. But I plan not to take further members other than through Patreon. The additional benefit of Patreon is that I will begin to offer tiers that will include the option for regular FaceTime/Zoom lessons, in addition to offering a discount on the 2024 Richter Mandolin Camp.

Please reach out if you have questions.

The Patreon site is

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