Mandolin Blues Lick of the Day #19 – 7.30.23

I’m stuck on bass lines.  I don’t think that many mandolinists think about playing “bass lines” behind others.  Don’t think you can do in every setting (especially if there is a bassist–then you would need to make sure you accurately double the bass), but when playing in a duo or trio where there might be a guitarist and a harmonica player/harpist, the bass line can give character to the song that might otherwise be missing.  For example, today’s “lick” is one of those ultra-cool blues back-up bass licks that you can’t use all night, but man when you do, it pops.

About the Lick

This is another bass line that has a chromatic walk between parts of the triad.  Here, there is a walk-down from the root to the 5 of the chord (In this case, G down to D).  

The tablature isn’t written in a shuffle rhythm.  However, if you note, it says “Swing.”  That means “swing” the notes (which will be your shuffle rhythm).

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