Fiddle Tunes: Byron Berline’s “Huckleberry Hornpipe”

Growing up, you couldn’t escape either Country Gazette or Berline, Crary, and Hickman.  Byron Berline dazzled on the fiddle..  The Oklahoma fiddler did much to shape modern bluegrass fiddling starting with his brief tenure in the mid-60’s. His “The Gold Rush” outlines what a classic fiddle tune for fiddlers and banjoist alike (it was one of the first fiddle tunes I learned on the banjo).  

Huckleberry Hornpipe has entered into the fiddling lexicon and is a staple for mandolinists, guitarists, and banjoists as well.  As someone who worships Alan Munde, his translation of the tune is flawless. 

This version of Huckleberry Hornpipe I took from Sam Bush’s playing on an early teen Mark O’Connor live flatpicking album with Byron and Sam.  It’s not a transcription but highly influenced this arrangement.

Tablature available at

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