Melodic Banjo: The Old Mountaineer (Bill Monroe)

Several years ago I arranged and posted an arrangement of Bill Monroe’s The Old Mountaineer to YouTube.  Since starting the Patreon account this summer, I posted the tablature for the arrangement to everyone.  

I’ve decided to redo the video to show it both at normal and reduced speeds. I’ve also included on-video tablature to follow along.  

You can refer to my previous Patreon post to learn more about this tune.

The banjo is my 1932 Gibson TB-4 conversion done by legendary luthier John Montelone in the 1970s. 1930s style 4 banjos were chrome hardware and walnut wood.  Butch Robin’s legendary 1930 RB4 is such a banjo.

Tablature available for free at my Patreon site.

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