Mandolin Mondays #325

I’m very happy to announce that I contributed to David Benedict’s incredible Mandolin Mondays series that he does with the Mandolin Cafe.  I made some choices that shaped my contribution:  (1) I wanted to write a tune specifically for it (that I would tab out for readers), (2) it had to be a blues piece (as blues not typical to Mandolin Mondays, (3) it had to show different tonalities not commonly heard on mandolin (so decided to use guitar type muted funky guitar like you’d hear in “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag), and (4) I’d use octave mandolin as large-bodied mandolins often not used.  I feel the tune—Nimble Kimble ultimately named after friend Will Kimble—showcases all this.  

And the tab:

Here’s the Mandolin page:

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