Major Site Revisions in 2023!

2023 is a time to usher in revisions!

The WordPress version of came live in 2012, after 10 previous years of hand coding in PhP (and Frames before that). I’ve decided to move to a fresh installation of WordPress that has WooCommerce integrated in it. What this means for you, the end-user, is that I will no longer be using the “e-member” plug-in which managed memberships to the Tablature page. This plug-in was never great and only got worse over time, requiring me to spend lots of time fixing people’s memberships. With WooCommerce, I now have a clear storefront/membership solution that hopefully will make your experience much easier and better, while allowing me to actually spend time creating.

With the update of the memberships, I’m increasing the yearly membership to $20, the only increase since the $5 yearly membership first started in 2012. This is $20 for all current content and any added during the year. With a better functioning content site, I will ensure refreshes of new content monthly. I apologize for letting this atrophy over time. I wasn’t sure of what direction to go, especially after promises from the developer to resolve bugs.

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