Flip Flop Fly: Rich DelGrosso (mandolin) and Jim Richter (guitar), Bloomington 2009 video

Many moons ago I endeavored to bring a variety of mandolinists to Bloomington Indiana/Central Indiana for concerts, workshops, and camps. This was before I initiated by own Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us (https://www.richtermandolincamp.com). In December 2009, Rich DelGrosso visited Bloomington to do a blues mandolin workshop. Part of the camp was a concert. Myself (on guitar), JJ Perry (drums), Bruce Lockwood (bass), and Doc Malone (harp) formed a band to back-up Rich. Rich’s deep voice and biting mandolin stole the show. This is an old Big Joe Turner tune that I think is done right for never having played it together before.

You can learn more about Rich and his incredible music/instruction at https://www.mandolinblues.com/

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