Mandolin Camp North: April 21-23, 2023

Mandolin Camp North 2022

I’m very privileged to teach again at Mandolin Camp North. I deeply love this camp and the spirit that permeates it. It’s supportive, inclusive, and as they say in that area of Massachusetts “it’s wicked fun.”

The camp website is: Registration has been opened.

On staff this year are:

Mandolin teachers

Don Stiernberg, Sharon Gilchrist, Skip Gorman, Jacob Jolliff, Jim Richter, Maddie Witler, Don Julin, Moriah Ozberkmen, Lauren Price Napier, Ben Pearce, Ethan Setiawan, Lorraine Hammond, Claudine Languile, Bill Thibodeau

Guitar teachers

John Kael, Joe Newberry, Tony Watt, Lincoln Meyers

Fiddle teachers

Annie Staninec, Louise Bichan, Janie Rothfield, Austin Scelzo

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