Salty by Kenny Baker—free mandolin tab download

I’m not the first to proclaim their love of Kenny Baker. I have all those County LPs and love each of them. One of Kenny’s tunes that I love is Salty, a swinging tune in G that’s got some diminished chords and a run around the horn in the B part. It’s bouncy, got some twists and turns, and fun. I especially love the Norman Blake/James Bryan approach to the tune.

I first transcribed this a few years ago in Tabledit (wow, that seems like a lifetime ago). This is a cleaned up, revisited (pulled out Kenny Baker and re-listened to it) transcription.

I’m going to make sure that I also have some free downloads when I have the extra content. I’m going to go back and clean up some old transcriptions done in Tabledit that I’ll share in the future.

This is the link—-Enjoy!

Sylvia Pitcher/New York Times

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