Rock Mandolin: Free’s “All Right Now”

To me, Free was one of the most important rock bands of the 1970’s.  They helped move the blues-based rock of the late 1960s into the FM and arena rock sound of the 1970s.  Consider the personnel:  Paul Rodgers (singer and songwriter extraordinaire), Simon Kirke (drummer), Andy Fraser (bass), and Paul Kossoff (the slinkiest of the British Les Paul playing guitarists).  One of their last big singles, All Right Now set the stage for FM rock of the 70’s and foreshadowed the sound of Bad Company when Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke joined with Mick Ralphs of Mott the Hoople and Boz Burrell of King Crimson.

This arrangement shows how classic blues-based rock guitar can be convincingly arranged on mandolin.  Tabs are straight arrangement and additional materials show how it was arranged.  These are typically used when I teach workshops/camps in arranging rock guitar for Mandolin.

tablature is available at my patreon site

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