Jim Richter Mandolin Blues Lick of the Day #24 – 8.10.23

Here we are again for the mandolin blues lick of the day.  We’re looking at a double stop lick that has some cool stuff in it.  It goes from the dominant 7th of the I chord (E), through the IV chord (A), plays a double stop that suggests E-minor but is trying to bend into major, and then resolving in E.  

Truthfully, when we talk about blues, it’s hard (in my opinion) to break it all down to theory.  When I think of who invented these licks, it was based around what sounded good in the music.  Or they learned one person’s lick and then developed variations.  Don’t think so much about what’s going on as how the lick is functioning in the music.  Where would you use this lick?  And so on.

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